Welcome to the Youth Charter

The Youth Charter for Police and Crime Commissioners was written by young people in 2012 and spells out principles for good engagement between Police and Crime Commissioners and young people.

The first Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) were elected in 42 areas in England and Wales in November 2012. Their role is to bring more public accountability to police and crime policy. They have a responsibility to consult with the public on their plans with a particular emphasis on the victims of crime. Their policies will have a major impact on young people – whether that’s through experience of the police or how safe they are in their community. Young people are the age group more likely to be victims of crime and to become involved in committing crime and young people’s views and experiences are important for developing effective approaches to reducing crime.

How are PCCs engaging with young people?

heads13Sharing models of youth engagement from across the country

The Youth Charter is designed to encourage PCCs’ engagement with young people. We are collecting examples of different methods that young people are being engaged with PCCs. They are published here to show how they work and how much they cost. PCCs can use them to replicate, adapt or just to see what other areas are doing.

View the collected models of youth engagement (and see how to contribute more or just to get in touch)

Principles of good engagement with young people

heads9The Youth Charter provides principles that young people have asked PCCs to follow, to show their commitment to good engagement with young people. The principles are that PCCs:

  • make themselves accessible to young people (full pledge)
  • treat all young people as citizens, equal with other groups (full pledge)
  • provide an equal platform for all,  including minorities and those marginalised (full pledge)
  • establish a way of meaningful representation of young people’s views (full pledge)
  • support the police force to engage positively with all young people (full pledge)

(View the full set of pledges in the Youth Charter)



  1. I’d like to congratulate you on the charter. A number of groups are attempting arm twisting prior to the election to try to ensure that their interests will be given special treatment, and it’s good to see that you have avoided that. I get on well with young people (I’ve had four children of my own) and I’m pleased that, like me you see yourselves just as members of the community. I will need to openly communicate with many groups. I very much look forward to meeting and working with plenty of young people when elected.

  2. I am delighted to supoort the Youth Charter. It is very important that young people should be involved in the decison making process and I would warmly welcome suggestions as to how this can be achieved in the Humberside Police area.

  3. Hi, I hope all PCC sign up to this – one of my manifesto priorities is ‘Young People Becoming Adults’ More information can be found on my web site http://www.policecommissioner.net Happy to share my thinking with other PCC candidates and work with them when elected.

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